Sand Tubes - D Pack

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Sand Tubes - 7 colours of Sand in a blister pack, in tubes with a flip top and little shaker hole.  Perfect for Sand Art at home.
Each blister pack contains 7 tubes, and we recommend TWO blister packs for each large picture.  One blister pack for one small picture.  We recommend that you include Pack A for every picture, plus any from packs B-E to suit your customer and your pictures.

Pack D is our Reds and Greys

Colours in this PACK D - Reds and Greys are:
- Light Blue (RK02)
- Dark Green (RK11)
- Orange (RK16)
- Red (RK14)
- Dark Brown (RK24)
- Silver (RK26)
- Charcoal (RK27)

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