Christmas Decoration Easy Order Pack 13cm x 9cm

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Oval Christmas Decorations, punched with a hole and with Ribbon to hand.  13cm Tall.  Sold in Bags of 10, all same design, with ribbons for hanging.
These decorations have been designed to be nice and easy for a quick throughput of children during busy events.   The collection of pictures includes 8, encouraging the children to make lots.
These EASY ORDER packs have been set to let you order all you need with one click, as well as giving you extra profits :)
  • Contains 1 bag of Each of 8 Designs
  • Save £1 compared with ordering separate items individually,



  • Contains 3 bags of Each of 8 Designs
  • 1kg of 10 Core colours of Sand
  • 30 Empty Bottles.
  • Save £10 compared with ordering items individually.



  • Contains 6 bags of Each of 8 designs
  • 1kg of 10 Core colours of Sand
  • 10 x 1kg of coloured Sand 1 x 1kg of sand in 10 of our core primary colour range.
  • 60 Empty Bottles
  • Save £25 compared with ordering items individually.


Products include in the Mega Packs are mutiples of the following items.  It is not possible to swap or substitute variants of designs or components of these packs: XMAS-01  Bag of Elves,  XMAS-02 Bag of Santas,  XMAS-03 Bag of Reindeer,  XMAS-04 Bag of Christmas Tree,  XMAS-05 Bag of Angels,  XMAS-06 Bag of Snowman,  XMAS-07 Christmas Baubles,  XMAS-08 Bag of Stockings.

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