Commercial Sand Art Business Package.

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The commercial sand art business package from Kids Bee Happy includes everything you need to operate a sand art business, or to successfully add sand art activities onto your existing business. This commercial Sand Art business package is just purely and simply an easy one click way to buy everything you need.


Sand Art Equipment Included:

2 Custom Made Acrylic sand art tables, each holding 6 sand art bowls, giving you 12 different colours of sand, and enabling up to 20 children to simultaneously make sand pictures. (We also include the table legs, bowls & spoons). 

The tables are robust, durable and professional, and the bowls are inset into holes in the tables, which allows the children to set their pictures into the bowls easier for sprinkling the sand on.

The pair of Sand Art tables are both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for busy venues, and for frequent use. You may have seen these tables in use if you have seen Sand Art at the Haven holiday parks. We recommend that you set the tables out parallel to each other with a space of around 80-100cm between them, this enables the children to move around freely between the tables and the colours - this prevents children reaching over for different colours, and helps to keep the activity as mess free as possible.  It also means that the floorspace you require is optimal at 3m x3m.

Our Sand Art tables have been designed to be portable and easy to store. Setting up takes 10-15 minutes, the table legs simply screw on and off, and the bowls just drop into place. Each leg has individual height adjustment to cater for outdoor locations. As well as being lightweight the tables are also exceedingly robust, enabling them to be used constantly, in busy commercial locations, for months at a time. Table length is 110cm long, which means that they transport easily in the backs of cars


Sand Art Pictures and Materials included:

  • 100 sand art pictures, with a variety of designs suitable for older and younger children, boys and girls.
  • 100 large plastic sleeves for finished pictures.
  • Packet of 200 self adhesive hooks for applying to hang up the finished pictures.
  • 1kg of each of the 12 different colours of sand.
  • Bag of little yellow sticks for peeling pictures.
  • Delivery

The sand art package is delivered via courier, delivery time frames are approximately 10-14 working days. (Sometimes an extra day or two is required for Republic of Ireland and Island deliveries). The package arrives as a consignment of typically 4 boxes weighing around 70kg, each box will be under 20kg in weight. This product is a business package is a b2b sale, and is priced NET of VAT.  

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